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2 dogs sitting and standing on the grass watching something

About Dawn And Hoofsnpaws

Although I use to hate sewing and could not even tell what half the parts on a sewing machine were or what you do with half of it. I one day just decided to try and I got Hooked. Since then I have been proudly providing high quality products and services in our area. From 2015 to now, I have made over 300 Saddle pads and just as many hats. I specialize in providing quality not quantity saddle pads and other equine products. Each saddle pad is made from start to finish by me with bright unique colorful fabrics. Each pad is durable, breathable for your horse and all pads are washable. Many other equine products are now in my line up. In 2019 I introduced my pet hat line up, of which I am very proud of.  My 4 puppies are not too thrilled ,as they are often my models. I started Bucket and Baseball pet hats which are all reversible and come in many sizes from the smallest (teacup) to the largest. Each hat is done in breathable colorful fabrics, with Ear holes and adjustable strapping. Since then I have included many other items and continue to add to my inventory. I love working with my pet clients and I am always happy to help provide what the client is looking for. 

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