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                    Welcome to my gallery.

This page is dedicated to all the fur babies out there.
All these pictures showcase all those happy pets that have worn hats made by me, as well as saddle pads and other items I have made. Please Enjoy looking.

Black dog wearing a pink and purple camo baseball hat laying on the couch
Small puppy wearing a pink and white baseball hat
a white dog wearing a pink flowered bucket hat
An older dog standing wearing a bucket hat with little flowers and a bow.
A orange tabby cat wearing a blue and white walking harness
Two service dogs in front of my table at market wearing a black hard hat and a brown bucket hat with
A pit bull dog sitting on a chair wearing a plaid bow tie in red and green.
A small dog laying down wearing a navy blue baseball hat with white anchors.
A cat sitting in front of a window wearing a pink polka dot on black bow tie
A black and white cat being held wearing a navy blue bucket hat with white anchors. cat is not happy
A white dog wearing a navy blue tuxedo with a white vest and burgundy bow tie walking with the bride
A brown and white puppy wearing a black cowboy hat
 A bright yellow multicolored striped English all purpose trail saddle pad and matching polo wraps
A goat wearing a baseball hat
A palomino colored horse wearing a blue western saddle pad
A pink and purple camo western saddle pad and polo wraps
A Teal Navajo  saddle pad with a brown seat.
A brown horse wearing a multicolored striped western saddle pad
A horse wearing a black saddle pad with multicolored dragons on it
A white and a brown goat standing in a parking lot wearing  a yellow and purple baseball hats
A gypsy vanner horse wearing a bareback pad in green and burgundy
A German Sheppard wearing a green fishing bucket hat
A poodle cross dog laying down wearing a pet hat.
 Two dogs wearing yellow bandanas
A multicolored striped western saddle pad with a teal trim.
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